New Ingredient for Hydrated Skin

Centella Asiatica for Skin If you’re a fan of Korean skin care, you’ve probably heard about the ingredient Centella asiatica. Known by a variety of names, including Brahmi, Asiatic pennywort, tiger grass, and gotu kola, this plant extract is hailed as a hydrating skin-saver. Centella asiatica is included in numerous moisturizers. What is Centella Asiatica? Centella asiatica is a perennial [...]

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Male Skin Care

The Differences Between Male and Female Skin So, with such a strong growing market, i.e. 73% of men now use some skin care products in the 35-45 year old category, how do we create formulas that men are going to love? We first need to understand some of the key differences between male and female [...]

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What is blue light?

Blue light, is the part of the spectrum of visible light, a high-energy, short-wavelength light (not to be confused with UVA or UVB rays), says Shari Marchbein, a board-certified dermatologist and clinical assistant professor at New York University. The main source of the blue light we're exposed to is the sun, according to the American Academy of [...]

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Benefits of Kakadu Plum For Skin, Hair and Health

 Kakadu Plum Benefits: Kakadu plum is also known as Gubinge, Billygoat Plum, Gurumal or Murunga. Kakadu plum is the richest source of Vitamin C. This contains Vitamin C even more than orange, kiwi fruit and chili pepper. It is grown in the Top End of Northern Australia and is widely used in many skincare and [...]

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Top 10 Safe Skin Lightening Ingredients

All skincare should be safe BUT truth be told, skin lightening ingredients don’t have the best safety record. For this bad name we have hydroquinone to blame – a lightening skincare ingredient associated with mercury contamination and ochronosis – a blueish-black discoloration of skin – absolutely not what you want when looking for safe skin [...]

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The Best Over All Ingredients From the Ocean

Hit the beach everyone!! Some of nature's most powerful anti-aging, and skin care compounds can be found beneath the waves. Find out which marine plants and minerals can keep your skin calm, clear, and smooth. The best anti-aging ingredients don't have to come from labs and test tubes. Some of the most powerful weapons against [...]

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Rose Stem Cell Super Daily Cleanser

What is Rose Stem Cell Daily Cleanser? Rose Stem Cell Daily Cleanser is a powerful formula designed to protect, hydrate, and revitalize skin while it cleanses. Advanced ingredients work to smooth skin’s surface, retain essential moisture, and give you a fresh, energized look and feel every time you cleanse. The pleasant scent of rose, and [...]

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Private Label Skincare Florida believes that we have combined the best ingredients to actually utilize charcoal in the correct way for maximum benefit. Activated charcoal skincare products are cool. They’re black, they’re science-sounding and they’re said to extract dirt out of your pores like a magnet – what’s not to like? The reality is a [...]


Tear free shampoo? Does it work? For babies only?

 If a "no tear shampoo" doesn't contain anesthetics (as urban legend suggests), then why doesn't it sting sensitive orbs? The answer lies in a few subtle changes in chemical formulas. Adult and baby shampoos contain surfactants (short for "surface active agents"). One end of the surfactant molecule is attracted to water, the other is repelled by water but attracted [...]

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